San Antonio Chamber of Commerce's Aerospace Committee
world class aerospace and aviation companies in San Antonio

san antonio: city of aviation and aerospace

The city of San Antonio has a rich heritage in both military and civil aviation dating back to Lt. Benjamin Foulois first military solo flight at Fort Sam Houston in 1910. Through the golden era of aviation, pioneers such as Katherine Stinson, Durrell “Dee” Howard, and Ed Swearingen established themselves in San Antonio. Today, San Antonio is emerging as an aerospace hub with major aerospace companies and research and development (R&D) centers including Boeing, Lockheed Martin Kelly Aviation Center, Standard Aero, M7 Aerospace, ST Aerospace, Gore Design Completions, Chromalloy, and Southwest Research Institute. In 2010, the economic impact of the aerospace industry was $5.4 billion and within a year of that study over 1,200 commercial jobs with average salaries of $62,000 have been added.